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"Build It And They Will Come?"

“When I started my first business, I thought it would be an instant success … I didn’t realise my website was a shop in the desert!”

From Run-down Council Estate In Gateshead To £1.2 Million Online Business Owner – David Sessford

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I was 6 years old when I started martial arts. I remember on my first class, our instructor at the time asked every child practicing what they wanted to be when they grew up.

As you may have expected coming from a town so close to Newcastle, the most common answer was footballer! However my answer was ‘a millionaire’! Ever since that point I knew I was different to most other children my age. Most other children had a goal that was probably way out of reach, and a fall back plan that was 99% likely to happen.

Stephen K. wanted to be … a footballer, he settled for working in a supermarket. Craig H. wanted to be … a footballer, he settled for bricklaying. James P. wanted to be … a footballer, he settled for dealing drugs!

I wasn’t any better than any other child, and I probably wasn’t any more intelligent; I simply had the drive to better my life and avoid the struggles in life that I had seen my family endure. The key to this for me was wealth – and I would do anything to gain it.

Path To Success; Or, Accidental Path To Success?!

After going to university and studying Web Design, Multimedia and Animation; I assumed my next path would be to get a job. I assumed I would instantly be employable, and that with my degree I would ‘walk’ into any job. How wrong I was!

In fact every job I went for I was losing due to ‘lack of experience’. This is the point Idecided to go and get my own experience. So, I set up my own Web Design company website, got some business cards printed, and sat back and waited. And waited, and waited …

I quickly discovered that having a website alone was simply not enough.

I needed traffic to the website consisting of the right type of people (people interested inwhat I was trying to sell) and I also needed a method on the website to effectively convert those visitors into prospects and/or customers.

This is now what I do … full time. This is what I specialise in. And this is what I have self-taught myself over the past 7 years, building a lead generation machine for my
customers in various niches and various industries.

photograph by phil.d


Our Process, History & Delivery Of Proven Results.


As consumers are turning online for information, traditional advertising is becoming less effective. Busy running their companies, owners need help moving their marketing online and making sure they are getting the best results for their money.

Fast Track Digital helps solve this challenge by working with you to understand your business, developing a digital marketing strategy, and managing the solutions that get you the most return from your online marketing investment.

As your dedicated marketing consultant, David Sessford will use his proven marketing techniques to work with you to develop a custom online marketing plan that meets your business needs and help you select the right solutions to take your business to the next level.

Through hand-held training in paid advertising, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and much more; lead generation on a pay per lead basis or a complete hands-free armchair service, Fast Track Digital have the solution that your company needs to succeed online.


One of the world’s best selling SEO services of 2009 was delivered on well-known internet marketing forum Warrior Forum, by leading search engine optimiser David Sessford.

David’s company Rankwarrior lead the way in SEO for over two years, helping customers to reach the top of the search engines for keywords they desired. David also worked closely with a number of web agencies offering SEO on a whitelabel basis.

Chances are; if you had SEO done on a website between 2009 – 2010 there’s a chance your website was optimised by David. David decided to change route in 2011 and started to develop his own niche lead generation websites, which he promoted through various mediums such as PPC and SEO.

David’s lead generation sites are still his core business today, and it’s the major catalyst for Fast Track Digital.

How many other SEO companies, web design companies or the like can say they use their own services to promote their own business and do it well? Fast Track Digital is genuinely the ‘fast track’ to online success. We’ve already had the up’s and down’s for you! (Just take the up’s).


Are you fed up of talking to time wasters and so-called experts who don’t deliver the results you want for your business? Are you starting a business and need advice on how to market it online?

With simple changes to your marketing strategy you can ensure every lead you generate moving forward will be a decision making buyer.

Take control of your marketing once and for all and speak with industry expert David Sessford. If you really want to grow your business and only generate qualified leads, we will get the phone ringing (or the email pinging) with the right type of new enquiries.

Getting a new website? 99% of web designers can’t design websites that sell! You wouldn’t employ a plumber to fix your electrical fault, so why employ a web designer to take full control of ‘your internet salesman’.

We know what works to get knocking down the door. We also know how to get the customers to the door in the first place. All you need to do is convert those leads into sales by selling your product or service to someone who has already expressed an interest in your service/product!

Destroy Your Competitors With My Digital Marketing Skills ...


It doesn't matter whether you business is local, national or international ... the internet can definitely work for you and quickly help take your business to another level. Make 2017 the year that you become a major force on Google.