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What Is Email Marketing And How Effective Is It?

We work in many difference industries, and therefore we collect a lot of data about customers around the world that land on one of our landing pages. From time to time we email our databases with offers that they can’t get on the regular market – or may not be aware of.

If they click a link in our email marketing newsletter expressing interest in a particular product or service we mention, they are then taken to a bespoke landing page whereby they once again must fill in their details stating they are interested and want to buy, sign up or whatever action is needed.

We build lists in most niches, and most of our lists are B2C however we do have some B2B. You will only pay us on a per lead basis. That means once someone has completed their details on our landing page. If you have a product or service you would like to market to one of our databases – please get in touch with us today on 0191 443 2323. We really want to hear from you and hope we can work together on a lead provider/purchaser basis.

Every niche is different so the price per lead is negotiable depending on how competitive your niche is.


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